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Football Helmet Recall As New High School Season Approaches

The shells in the Xenith Epic Varsity, X2 Varsity, X2E Varsity and Youth football helmets can crack and pose a danger of head injury for young children. The Riddell Revolution SPEED Classic Football Helmet also comes with a chinstrap so you you will not have to get that as an further item. With a really hard outer shell, our football helmets for sale can withstand the put on and tear of league play, making sure your touchdown terror has protective gear that lasts every single season. Previous STORY: No Knox County schools have been affected by a football helmet recall issued last week for nearly 6,000 helmets. Just as safety testing changed how the auto industry created vehicles, Virginia Tech researchers changed how football helmets are made.

Apart kind that, the Schutt Sports DNA Pro+ Varsity Football Helmet comes with a lot of attachments for your facemasts. Ship Time – All helmets are produced-to-order, please enable 10-15 small business days for delivery of the SpeedFlex helmet. Both the DNA Pro + and Revolution Speed are developed to exacting specifications for safety and durability, and every single helmet is certified by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment ( NOCSAE ). They are comparatively priced.

Schutt DNA Pro+This helmet’s shell is slightly smaller sized and for that reason does not manage power on low-impact hits as nicely as its others in Virginia Tech’s testing, Schutt says. The Schutt Sports DNA Pro+ Varsity Football Helmet is durable, super robust, lightweight, properly ventilated and fits like a glove. The Schutt Sports DNA Pro+ Varsity Football Helmet is a complete sized helmet which is in direct contrast to most of the helmets that are included on this list which are youth helmets. You can evaluate all the capabilities of the particular helmets you are interested in on the product pages. SG Helmets weigh small extra than two.5 pounds for much better protection and superior functionality.

The Schutt Sports DNA Pro+ Varsity Football Helmet also functions the SUREFIT ventilated AIR liner which is somewhat a typical in all the Schutt helmets we have observed so far. The Schutt DNA Pro+ (Top rated) and the Riddell Revolution Speed (bottom) helmets are among the preferred selections in collegiate and experienced football. The Schutt Sports AiR XP Varsity Football Helmet comes with TCP cushioning on the inside which is a main improvement over other regular foam padding.

There exists widespread concern today about the safety of contact sports, particularly in light of current media exposure of concussions in expert football. The Schutt DNA Pro+ and Riddell Revolution Speed helmets are amongst the preferred choices in collegiate and skilled football. The helmets have a gloss or metallic-painted polycarbonate shell and were either sold or factory-reconditioned between Could 1, 2015 and March 18, 2016. If you favor a helmet with a traditional standoff, you are going to really like the Schutt Sports Youth Air Regular III Football Helmet.

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